material innovation drives printer innovation

InkSmith is bringing accountability, transparency and standardization to the desktop FDM materials market in order to drive innovation in our industry. Visit the Forge to learn more!

Ultimately, your 3D printing experience is driven by your printer's ability to manage its expectations and therefore, the consistency and quality of filament is paramount to success. 

launching an unparalleled selection of quality filament products 

In July 2016, InkSmith is launching 16 engineering grade filaments in the United States and Canada

With industry breaking quality, comprehensive applications, smart packaging and competitive pricing - InkSmith is the new standard.

Our Backers

Our team is excited by 3D printing’s ability to change the world; to put the power of creation in the hands of all humanity, to accelerate the development of sustainable feedstocks, to fabricate new economic paradigms that give greater opportunity to all; and to realize innovation that we never thought possible.